Iraq Part 4: The Time of Umar

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the Name of Allah most Gracious most Merciful

Very Quick Summer:

  •  Abu Bakr (Allah is pleased with him) dies
  • Umar (Allah is pleased with him) becomes Khalifah
  • At the requests of Al Muthna bin Haritha Umar (Allah is pleased with him) sends aid 
  • The battles in Iraq continue
  • The Muslimeen lose for the first time in the Battle of the Bridge
  • Al Qadisyyah
  • After Al Qadisyyah a number of battles happens
  • The Army reaches Al Mada’in which was the capital of Persia at that time, and fell into our hands


The Battle of Al Qadisyyah


The battle took place on the 13th of Sha’baan year 15 After Hijrah.  The Battle lasted for Three days.  The Muslim Army was lead by Sa’id bin abi Waqas and the Persian Army was lead by Rustum.  Throughout the days of the battle, victory swung between both sides, once the upper-hand was for the Muslims, and once the upper-hand was for the Persians and so on.  The battle ended with total victory for the Muslims and ended with the death of Rustum and many others for the Persians.


During the battle, aid was sent for Shaam (who on their side were fighting the Romans), the aid was not sent all at once but was split into the front which was to go on while the rest will be on their way.  Also during the battle, one of the problems facing the Muslim Army were the elephants (and this was a problem in the other battles as well).  The problem was, the horses of the Muslims were not used to seeing elephants and so they ran away from them, and this caused disorder.

And so it was decided  among the Muslims to make their own elephant, so they came with this animal and put wood on top of it and over it they put a cloth cutting the holes for the eyes and making a trunk, then they put a carrier on top (like what the Persians did with their elephants) tied down with a belt, and the Muslims would fight from the top.  It was ready to go into battle, and when it did the Persian’s horses ran away from this unusual and strange creature.  The Muslims made these strange creatures multiple times during the battle.

Also during the Battle it was noticed by one of the Muslim leaders that the rest of the aid from Shaam was about to come, so he sent to them with a plan and it was carried out.  They were to come not all at once, but in different groups each making the dust rise to make it seem there are a big number of them, and each saying the Takbeer.  And so this happened and caused (as was intended) fright and terror among the Persians.

After Rustum was killed, the Muslimeen wrapped up the battle and total victory was for them.

This was only a short summery of the battle and some of what happened during it.  To learn more, I recommend great resources like:

If you have any questions then please come and ask them here.


سبحان رب العزة عما يصفون، و سلام على المرسلين و الحمد لله رب العالمين

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